About donations:

Donations to Temple Israel offer you an excellent opportunity to do so much for your community. You can honor and remember friends and loved ones and celebrate important lifecycle events. You can designate your gift to the General Fund, to be used where it’s most needed, or to a designated fund, to benefit an ongoing program fund. Donations also can be made to the Temple Israel Foundation (information at right) for investment and long-term support of the Temple Israel community. Contributions of any size are always welcome and appreciated. Your generosity helps us deepen and expand our kehillah kedosha, our sacred community.

“We are worth what we are willing to share with others.”

— Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Paying With Stocks

Explore Your Options:

  • Call your broker and tell them what/how much and to transfer that amount to: E*Trade Account #35383533   DTC 0385,  PO Box 484,  Jersey City, NJ 07303
  • Email or call Rob Kaplan or Eric Strimling and let them know when and how much you have transferred so they can sell it promptly and transfer to the Temple.
  • At that point you should contact the Temple office and let us know how you want it applied, i.e. dues, any specials fund, etc.
  • Remember, you can transfer stock to the Temple and get a full charitable deduction and the shares that are transferred are NOT subject to capital gain.

*Please always remember to check with your tax preparer