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Who are we?

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ornament1Temple Israel is a welcoming center of Jewish life where members, newcomers and visitors of all ages and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to participate in Jewish practices, spirituality, learning and culture.

Our history

ornament1Temple Israel’s roots in Alameda date back to 1896 when “The First Hebrew Congregation,” a reform temple, was founded.  The congregation met at the long-gone Encinal Hall, hired a rabbi for High Holy Day services and had a religious school.

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ornament1Temple Israel warmly welcomes you to come and find your place in our community. One of the most important gifts we can give ourselves and our loved ones is the knowledge and comfort of knowing we are not alone.

How we worship

ornament1Whether it’s Shabbat services or the High Holy Days or any one of our other many holidays, we welcome you to join us.  Bring the kids!

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IS THE BEST "Small, intimate, reform shul. The cantor is special. Very kid friendly -the rabbi is a big kid! All else, come for the onegs!."